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1. Can I rent my cap and gown?
Unless your school has specifically signed up for the Class Rental program, no, all cap & gowns are purchased.

2. How do you size me for my cap and gown?
We need your gender, height, and weight to determine your gown size. This information is kept confidential and ensures a proper fit. For ladies who plan on wearing heels a few inches should be added to your height. Cap sizes are mostly one size fits all. If your school uses sized caps you will be notified when placing your order.

3. What length should my gown be?
Graduation gowns should hit about mid shin. Sleeves should hit at the wrist

4. What should I wear with my cap and gown?
If your school doesn't already have a dress code for graduation the proper and traditional attire is a dress for women and a shirt, tie, and slacks for men.

5. I didn't order my gown on time!!! Is it too late to order?
We always order more gowns than there are students graduating for each school. We cannot guarantee size though which is why we strongly encourage ordering early to avoid this problem!

6. Can I wash or iron my graduation cap and gown?
NO!!!!! If you iron your gown, you can risk burning it. Instead, just hang it on a hanger for a few days, and if there are still any wrinkles in it, steam should take care of it.

7. What if I don't pick up my cap and gown on delivery day?
All products will be held until graduation day. After that time we will send them back to our factories and NO refunds will be given. Herff Jones will not be responsible for products that were not picked up at the school.

8. What if I will be graduating in the summer and already ordered my cap and gown?
Each school's summer school graduation program is unique. It is best to speak with the summer school coordinator about this. If you do need a cap & gown you should pick your pre-ordered gown up at regular distribution as we will not hold gowns over the summer.

9. What color will my cap and gown be?
Your school has chosen the color(s) for the cap & gowns and any orders placed for that school will come in the colors designated by the school. If you have special colors for Honors Grads at your school they will tell us who should get what color.

10. If we RENT cap and gowns at my school do we get to keep the tassel?
Yes, you get to keep the tassel if you pay a rental fee for your cap & gown. You will turn in the gown, and at some schools the cap, after the ceremony according to the directions your school gives you for the process.

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1. What are Custom Graduation Announcements?
A Custom Graduation Announcement is a formal and socially correct way to share the once-in-a-lifetime event of graduating from high school with family and friends. It is also a memento representing the goals you've reached and remembering those who've helped you along the way. Each Custom Graduation Announcement has the fine craftmanship of your custom school crest, year of graduation and custom text. Additionally, you will personalize each announcement with your Personal Graduate Namecards. Custom Graduation Announcements become even more special when you consider most people send formal announcements only three times in their lives: high school graduation, college graduation and their wedding day. Your Custom Graduation Announcement represents your school, your class and you. Keep in mind that Custom Graduation Announcements are not intended to be invitations as many schools require tickets for addmission to the ceremony. Each Custom Graduation Announcement is designed by your class officers and the wording chosen by your school.

2. Who should I send announcements to?
Anyone you want to share your good news with! Family, friends, mom & dad's co-workers. This is a big deal!

3. Why do I get 50 namecards?
Namecards only come in boxes of 50 because that is the smallest number our printing press can run. There are many things your can do with left over namecards though: use them as business cards, trade them with your friends for memory albums, use them in scrapbooks; the possibilities are endless!

4. Why are there 2 envelopes with each announcement?
With traditional announcements the proper ettiquette is to have an inner and outer envelope. The inner (smaller) envelope should have the announcement stuffed inside and the recipient's informal name written on the outside. For example: Aunt Mary. The outer (bigger) envelope should be addressed with the formal name (i.e. Mary Smith) and stamped. The inner envelope then gets stuffed inside the outer envelope and the outer envelope is sealed and mailed.

5. Do my announcements have my name on them?
NO. Announcements do not include the student’s name. Namecards must be ordered to identify the graduate. Slots for the namecards are located inside most announcement styles. When ordering namecards IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO TYPE YOUR NAME CLEARLY using upper and lower case letters and please double check your spelling.

6. What if I don't pick up my products on delivery day?
All products will be held until graduation day. After that time we will send them back to our factories and NO refunds will be given. Herff Jones will not be responsible for products that were undeliverable.

7. An ASB card and/or Yearbook are included in my package but I already bought them through the school, what happens now?
You will be given a credit for the amount you have already paid the school. Please indicate that you are in this situation when placing your order either online or in person. When making a deposit on your order on-line, please do not pay in full if you have pre-purchased these items from the school, so we can adjust your balance.

8. What does my announcement look like and say? Do I get to choose fonts or colors?
Your announcement design is chosen by your school and all text is provided by your school. You can see a sample of what the front of the announcement will look like on the welcome screen after you have registered and logged in to this website. The fonts and colors used on namecards will always match the announcement and special requests cannot be accomodated.

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1. Why should I order my class ring at school?
Ordering with your class directly from Herff Jones saves you money. In addition, you are assured of the finest quality class ring available with an unequaled warranty. Class rings and senior products are our only business. We depend on satisfied customers year after year. We are local and always available to assist you. We offer you more options than anyone.

2. How much money is required to begin making my ring?
All you need is a $75.00 deposit to place your order for your White Ultrium, Extreme Silver and Extreme Aurista class rings. $75 deposit on 10K Gold and a $100.00 deposit on 14K Gold rings is required at the time of order.

3. How do I make payments on my ring?
We at Herff Jones understand the financial constraints in this economy and are very familiar with the many costs of your Senior year so we offer an Interest Free Payment Plan on all of our products. All you need is a minimum of $25 towards your Class Ring. This program is designed to allow you to pay down your balance at your convenience during the 6-8 week processing period. But don't fret!!! If still need to make further payments you may do so, just keep in mind that ALL Herff Jones Products must be paid in full BEFORE Graduation.

4. What if my graduation year changes or I change schools before graduation?
The Herff Jones warranty will change the yeardate on the ring to reflect the actual graduation date and/or change the school.

5. What if I cannot be sized in person?
Herff Jones Class Rings are available in full and half sizes. You can take your student to a local jewlery store and have them sized or you can print off the paper sizer to the right. You may also contact our office to have plastic sizers mailed to you.

6. My ring has been lost or stolen! Help!
Our Customer Satisfaction Program was designed for just this kind of problem! Please see the information on the class rings page.

7. What is white ultrium?
White Ultrium is a durable stainless steel alloy. It is made up of iron, chromium, and nickel. It will not tarnish or change color.

8. What if my finger grows?
Resizing your class ring is done free of charge FOREVER. See the back of the order form for a complete description of the LIFETIME WARRANTY.

9. Where can I design and order my Class Ring online?
Go to ringdesignonline.com to design and order your Class Ring anytime!

Refunds and Exchanges   back to top

Refund Policy
Deposits are non-refundable.
No refunds or cancellations on personalized or dated items.
No refunds after scheduled delivery date on campus.
No products will be held for delivery after graduation day. (They will be returned to our factory.)
No changes to or downsizing of packages or orders is allowed after 72 hours of placing orders.

Refunds will only be granted in the cases of non-graduation and/or changing of schools. Refund requests must be submitted by mail and must include signed documentation from the school stating one of the above two reasons. All refunds are subject to approval by the company and a request does not guarantee a refund will be made. All refund requests require 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

Written refund requests must include the following:
1. Copy of student's original order receipt.
2. Written confirmation from the school (on school letterhead) that student did not graduate.
3. Written request for refund from student that includes student's name, school name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. Check will be made payable to student at the address provided unless otherwise indicated. Please send written inquiries to:

All refund requests must be received in our office prior to June 30 of the graduation year. No refunds will be issued after that date.

All items that are subject to a refund must be in our office in 100% new condition and original packaging prior to graduation to be eligible. Refunds will be issued when items have been returned to our office.

A $10 restocking fee will be applied to all cancelled cap & gown orders.

School provided item refunds will be determined by the school and Forell & Associates is not responsible for refunds on these items.

Exchanges will only be allowed for damaged items or ill fitting cap & gowns provided supplies are still available.

Undeliverable Merchandise
Undelivered merchandise will be held until graduation day and MUST be picked up from your school or our office during that time frame. Unclaimed merchandise, including caps and gowns, will not be eligible for a refund. Herff Jones assumes no responsibility for orders shipped to an incomplete or incorrect shipping address provided by the customer. Any additional shipping charges for such orders will be the responsibility of the customer and will be charged to the credit card used on the order. If an order is refused, shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

Orders and pricing are subject to audit when received by our office and will be adjusted accordingly. We do all that we can to notify a customer in this instance but cannot guarantee it.

No checks will be accepted 2 weeks prior to delivery or at delivery. All checks require a 2 week clearing period before products will be delivered. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee each time they are returned.

Rings ordered through Herff Jones must be paid in full before Cap & Gowns will be released for graduation.

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